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We are in a position to provide high level of personalized tailor made customer service and you will find working with us is a vibrant experience.


Cutting Department

The cutting department receives the production schedule prepared by the Planning Department and obtains necessary raw materials from the stores to ensure the cut panels are of correct measurement, those are checked at random by the Q/Cs before bundling.


Chemical Protective Clothing

Chemical Protective clothing is used to help reduce the risk of chemical exposure to those who are engaged in chemically hazardous environments. We have designed our Disposable Chemical protective apparel range which is designed to safeguard against visible and invisible chemical hazards such as vapors, dangerous liquids and fine dust or particles. You will find the best fitting safety apparel through Minra Garments Disposable chemical clothing range for your work environment with chemical danger.


Disposable Laboratory Clothes

Safety at the Laboratory relies on using the right lab clothing and appropriate personal protective equipment. laboratory apparel is used to minimise harm to open skin areas and clothes. The Disposable Laboratory Safety Clothing designed and manufactured by us for both men and women, is certain to meet the requirements of high standard safety lab wear. These fashionable new designs are sure to grab your attention!